Welcome to the Bamboo Micro Credit website. Bamboo assists Indonesians to climb out of poverty. We are dedicated to providing small interest-free loans to people in Indonesia. We are Not For Profit, and we pour every dollar possible into the funding of our micro lending programs. Please take the opportunity to learn about what we do, and how we make a difference. Since 2007 Bamboo has made over 200 micro loans, directly impacting on over one thousand people in Indonesia.

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Success Stories

It’s all about the people who succeed. Bamboo Micro Credit gives micro loans to change the lives of Indonesians and their families for the better. Each loan represents an opportunity to transform people to a better quality of life. Click here to see examples of some of our most remarkable achievements.


What kind of purposes does Bamboo Micro Credit loan money for? Check here to find out the sort of projects that Bamboo will lend money for. Bamboo actively searches to offer no-interest flexible loans to worthy Indonesians to make a difference in the local community. It’s not a handout, it’s a hand up.


Bamboo Micro Credit is careful about how it uses the money donated to them. Every dollar makes a big difference. We like to think that at Bamboo we are decidedly transparent about our operations. We publish regular reports that help show where the money goes and how successful our portfolios really are.

Board of Directors

As an incorporated body, Bamboo Micro Credit takes its duties very seriously. We have a Board of Directors with a diverse range of financial, legal, technical and practical skills. These qualities ensure that our programs are conducted using quality advice, expertise, and professional decision-making.

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Poverty in Indonesia

In 2020 approximately 28 million Indonesians lived with less than 300,000 Rupiah ($30 AUD) a month. Over 68 million people live just above the poverty line and are vulnerable to falling into poverty. Every dollar donated to Bamboo Micro Credit has a multiplier effect, that helps many people to climb out of poverty, and even more people to stay from falling back into poverty.

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