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Making a Donation

Bamboo Micro Credit operates thanks to the generous people who donate to the cause. Bamboo uses the donated funds to give no-interest loans to the many Indonesian people who are trapped in the mire of poverty.  It’s difficult for those in need.   Many Indonesians just want to make a living, and to provide for their families. For countless Indonesians in need, it’s impossible to get a loan from a bank, or a chance to start a business.  Banks want collateral and they want to know that any loans are guaranteed to be repaid. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Bamboo offers loans to those who just can’t get a loan from a bank

Its important work, because without micro loans such as those from Bamboo, those in need can be forced to borrow money from loan sharks and crooks. Some villains charge extortionate interest and often wait until the debts have spiralled into an impossible level. People in poverty can become trapped into enslavement.

By making a donation to Bamboo Micro Credit you’ll be helping many Indonesians. Money donated is used over and over.  After one borrower repays their loan, the money is reused to fund another loan. Because Bamboo is a Not For Profit organisation, your donation is used to the full extent of our resources to help bring about change for Indonesians, their families, and their communities.

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If you want to know more and would like to speak to someone, ring 0431 039 909 or email us at

Thank you for taking the time to think about making a donation.

Bamboo Micro Credit – It’s not a handout … it’s a hand up.

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