How We Work

What are we trying to do?

We aim to assist people living in poverty in Indonesia to help themselves to become financially independent, by assisting the establishment or expansion of a business to support their family.

Potential borrowers in Indonesia usually live in the local community and often hear of Bamboo by word of mouth. As can be expected, there are always more people wanting loans than there are funds available to provide loans, so they often have to wait. Not all applicants meet the eligibility criteria, but may be supported to improve their applications.

How do we do that?

People seeking a loan are assessed on

  • Their history of loan repayment (if any)

  • Viability and sustainability of their proposed business

  • Understanding and acceptance of the philosophy and conditions of Bamboo

  • Whether they live in the local community

Loans are approved and issued when these conditions are met, according to availability of funds. The more funds Bamboo has, the more loans we can provide.

Note:We are a secular organisation and do not discriminate regarding sex,race or religion.

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